Company Store Solution

An E-Commerce Store for All Your Promotional Product Needs



A company store is a time-saving solution that has the potential to streamline order management. These custom web stores will have all your branded merchandise and any other products you want. Have your items branded with your logo and tailored to all your design requirements.

Company stores are ideal for businesses who provides branded merchandise to their employees or attend yearly events and in need of promotional items for brand awareness.

We can include any item you want in your company store and print your approved logos. For example, if your employees needs to order t-shirts, pens, or backpacks for an event or company gifts, they can log in to the private company store and order as many as they like. That's it! We'll ship them to your desired location.


Company Store Benefits



Along with a clean design and navigation, your company store can be customized to your branding requirements. Company stores are equipped with fully customizable product information and photography, as well as an easy to use checkout system. 



Because your branding guidelines are already implemented in the online store, your products will show consistent branding every time. Online stores cut out human mistakes, saving you money in the long run. The streamlined order management system also takes away the frustration of inventory control. 



Company stores are fully e-commerce enabled with flexible payment options, including credit cards, or purchase order.

You can also provide a FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Canada Post shipping charge integration. 



Store visitors may request information, get a quote, place an order, and view detailed product information or order history. Company stores are also available to employees 24/7 and each branch of your business will be able to have their products shipped directly to their location.



From PANTONE® shades to font sizes, you have complete control of your brand. Branded and non-branded products alike can be added to your company store. Branded products fit the needs of company events or company uniform requirements, and non-branded products can be included in the store as a rewards system to employees with excellent performance. You have access to an unlimited number of products to include in your store for whatever occasion.


Streamline Order Management

The most immediate benefit of a company store is that it increases efficiency by streamlining the order process. From uniforms to incentive gifts, approved employees are able to order products themselves directly online! Providing a company store with pre-approved products also avoids lengthy approval processes within your organization. 

Since the store is stocked with products already selected and customized by your business at approved price points and designs, orders do not need to be shepherded through decision makers first.

Let’s say your company is attending a trade show at the last minute and needs items to give away to potential customers. With a company store, you’ll never have to have to go back and forth on ordering. Employees are able to login and order branded products quickly and efficiently. 





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