Share Your Contact Instantly With a TAP

Do you still want to touch germ-ridden business cards, misplace them, or often end up in the trash? You can't afford to let your contact information or business services end up in a pile of archaic business cards and forgotten. Instantly share your contact details to anyone with a simple tap. 

Make a great first impression with the Blue Smart Button.


What are Blue Smart Buttons?

A Blue Smart Button is Powered by Blue’s Auto-Networking™ for a contactless way to network with the community around you. For all the social butterflies out there, our product allows you to share all your social platforms at once. Our Smart Buttons stick to your mobile device making it easy to stay connected to people on-the-go. Easily stay connected everywhere you go while you share your virtual identity.

Leave a lasting impression and make a lasting connection with the latest technology. Our technology makes it easy to share your Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or Youtube channel all with ONE EASY TAP! 









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